éjszárny zöldi, azaz bán andrás versei

Bán András (éjszárny zöldi) - álmok (zene is)

rámborul az éjszaka
csendes szárnyakaon utazom
a felhõk mögött a néma hold
titokban kísér utamon
emlékek között a hûvös szél
úgy oson mint a fájdalom
bennem élsz mintha lennél még
ránc vagyok csak az álmokon
szótlan vagy az álmaimban
hiába kérnélek vissza már
lehunyt szemmel hulló hangok
viaszillat gyertyaláng
itt nem létezik a tudat
a láz mutatja az utat
és lennék fény ha lehetnék
mert neked írom a dalt

az álmokban a fényeken túl
rámnézel és újra vagy
és nincsen szó csak érezlek
mintha dúdolgatnék egy régi dalt

táncolunk az idõben
szikrák szórják a vágyakat
ha igaz a tûz ami engem éget
ne hazudj nekem hogy nem akarsz
a tûzben játszom láng vagyok
és fekete égen a csillagok
a sors talán az idõben
és ezüst cseppek az esõben
zuhanok õsszel a levelekkel
ahogy fák vesztik a lombjukat
és érted nyúlok a semmiben
mert neked írom a dalt

az álmokban a fényeken túl
rámnézel és újra vagy
és nincsen szó csak érezlek
mintha dúdolgatnék egy régi dalt


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For probably the most part, online trading will regarded lonely business venture.
That is is a good feature. Through developing your trading plan, you could have a personal road map to pursue.

That is your edge over others inside of the market possess no options.
When you have your own system of trading, you will not need advice from others.
In which just also. Your clear thinking and decision making will be countermanded together with good opinion of
others. There no room in trading on the internet for hesitation caused by numerous conflicting opinions.
You've to be straightforward and decisive while making your own decisions.

1)Try to read more . The much more time you cause reading the greater you will discover extra
or bonus time. Remember the nevertheless practice makes perfect.
Practicing in appropriate way makes perfect too as enable it grow
to be easier as well as more enjoyable in the future.
Do not think of reading as drudgery; rather think from it
as an enjoyable moment for self-discovery.

If churches that are asking hard questions and being radically inclusive today are not irritating
with other churches you'll find it includes the
power structures in our society, maybe our questions are
not honest enough or perhaps they're not hearing us
-- not seeing what we're hunting do. The Church seem irritating when we're true into the One we follow.
Jesus was galling. He irritated the powers that were and the
powers that are still. Let's walk together to include of a prophetic voice and an annoying
presence to society in addition, it the Church so that
justice begins to flow like rushing water around us.

May everyone come towards the understanding of loving some other and bringing others to Jesus The lord.
It is always his will permit anyone be done. No matter how much we protest, yell and scream.
This is my dream; that everyone know that ways among the Lord.

Stop killing me and produce the knowledge and wisdom
to live righteously. Stop killing me when I decide to
acquire a child and which makes it impossible given our budget to survive.
May the Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ pour his passion on everyone and through everyone.
May we all see and come to the fullness of his fame. May we all have( dignity,
honor and praise) for our creator.
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Keywords can prove to the biggest key factors in getting the first put on Google Search Page.

It really helps and is widely simply by all SEO experts.
Look for sites with good page rank and high
Alexa scores.
#143 scr888 zip 2019-05-14 23:21
I'm always yammering on about optimizing the way your ad units look so
that they fit in the page. The more information you gather, exterior lights effective you'll become in discussing selected subjects.
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Looking to secure a flirta med killar ( flirting with guys )
or flirta med tjejer ( flirting with girls ) from Sweden?
Money-making niches numerous free Swedish adult dating sites that give a lot of interesting individualities.
If you to be able to find an accurate love really use one of these sites and
try out and work by the relationship. Almost all of
these websites are able to join. Anyone have to enjoy is register your account, create your
profile along with looking for potential couple. Most of the people who need for Swedish singles begin websites discovering people for
friendship, dating, love, marriage , flirting with girls etc.
You're able be connected to each other using various tools like chatting, emailing,
blogging and joining in forums. In the event you are in search of a successful relationship here is some guidelines follow.

Make a checklist - this saves your serious amounts of energy.
Give time to decide on the colour, style, cut, length and
most especially THE Wedding budget. Do not allow
the owner sweet talk you into the purchase of a
dress should can't manage to pay for. Also when purchasing a cheap dress, discounts will help very handy but avoid false
promises and bad fabric to compromise and.

If you observe a book cover design, you unable to
tell about the contents there but still you should to purchase it if is actually attractive.
The book was made all of the good qualities which helped you to stay through years.
Then think about a person want to behave silly now jeopardise all your family life.

In short now be aware of the old coin value, depending that
coin collector or an investor, you decide whether you
recycle for cash it or keep it for your collection. Of course if you hang on to your
old coins for years of time there is the best chance that the value will climb.

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...és egy részlet Kerouac Útonjából, csak mert szeretem, és talán mást is eltalál: "Azért mikor kinn ülök a folyó lerobbant rakodópartján napnyugtával, és az ég New Jerseynek nyúló sávját figyelem, és elgondolom, hogy az éggel egyközûen épp ilyen hosszü sáv föld ível a nyugati partig, és a földön út vonul, és az út hossza az álma mindenkinek, és lowában, tudom, a gyerekek ilyenkor sírnak, mert ott nem bánják, ha sír a gyerek, azért ne sírjatok, mondom innen, mert a csillagok feljönnek mindjárt, és nem tudjátok, hogy az Isten Micimackó? az ég pedig odébb a prérire hajlik, és hullajtja rá diadémjait, mikor alig tûzte még a fekete éjszakára, a föld áldására, a folyók csendesítésére, csúcsok sipkájául, és elrejti benne a végsõ part titkát, hogy senki ne tudja, mi lesz, csak az öregedés foszló ruháit tudja..." (Jack Kerouac: Úton)

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